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Wood print roll
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Wood print roll

1. product features

Wood grain color steel plate is a new generation of color coated products specially developed by Shangxing iron and Steel Co., Ltd. It has a unique wood grain appearance, reflects the natural wood grain texture, and is suitable for the architectural creativity of natural style.

2. Unique color coating system

Special processing technology is adopted to present natural wood grain effect.

The coating surface is specially treated to prevent scratches and UV light.

A variety of wood grain effects to meet different needs.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance

The az100 or az150 substrate with 55% Al Zn alloy coating has excellent corrosion resistance and better service life than the common galvanized color plate.

4. Excellent mechanical properties

It provides medium strength and high strength steel coils, whose excellent mechanical properties can meet different design styles.

5. High quality wood substitutes

As a substitute of wood, it has the functions of corrosion-resistant deformation, insect proof, fire-proof, etc., and it has higher strength, light unit weight and convenient transportation compared with wood.

6. environmental protection

The wood grain color steel plate is the environmental protection material, because the steel can be 100% recycled. At the same time, as a substitute of wood building materials, it does not need chemical pretreatment, so as to reduce the damage to the environment and the excessive cutting of natural resources.

7. product application

It is suitable for the application of ceiling, interior wall, louver, furniture, iron door, etc.

It is applicable to the outer roof and wall of buildings.

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