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Hangzhou Shangxing iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is a modern iron and steel sales enterprise with its own production base and integration of iron and steel resources. It integrates cutting, processing, distribution and trade. The company is mainly engaged in color steel coil, hot-dip galvanized steel coil, bright strip, cold-rolled coil, hard rolled coil, electric galvanized coil and other kinds of steel. It can customize color coated coil of various colors and hot-dip coil with special requirements for customers Galvanized steel coil. Shangxing brand is the main brand of the company. The company is located in Fuyang, Hangzhou, the gathering place of steel industry in Zhejiang Province. The expressway around the company extends in all directions, 2 hours from Shanghai port, Ningbo port and Zhapu Port.


Colour coated roll
Colored aluminum roll
Wood print roll
Galvanized roll
Roll hard roll

Product introduction


Color coating roll is a product made of hot-dip galvanized plate, hot-dip aluminum zinc plate, electro galvanized plate, etc. after surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment), one or several layers of organic coating are applied on the surface, and then baked and solidified. Also because there are different colors of the organic coating color steel coil plate from this name, referred to as color coated coil.

There are two main products of color aluminum roll:

Polyester coated aluminum roll, using polymer with ester bond in the main chain as monomer, adding alkyd resin, UV absorber can be divided into sub gloss and high gloss series according to gloss, especially suitable for indoor decoration and advertising board.

Product characteristics Wood grain color steel plate is a new generation of color coated products specially developed by Shangxing steel, which has a unique wood grain appearance, It reflects the natural wood texture and is suitable for the architectural creativity of natural style.


Product introduction Galvanized steel strip is a kind of raw material called (zinc) which is used to coat the long and narrow steel strip of cold rolling or hot rolling. Hot dip galvanizing has the advantages of uniform coating, strong adhesion and long service life. The complex physical and chemical reactions between the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe matrix and the molten bath form a zinc iron alloy layer with a close corrosion-resistant structure. The alloy layer is integrated with pure zinc layer and strip steel matrix. Therefore, it has strong corrosion resistance.

Product introduction Rolling hard coil: continuous rolling of hot-rolled pickling coil at normal temperature. Features: because it has not been annealed, its hardness is very high (HRB is greater than 90), and its machining performance is very poor, so it can only carry out simple bending processing with directivity less than 90 degrees (perpendicular to coiling direction). Some steel plants can provide four fold edge treatment.


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Product advantage
Four reasons to choose our products
We use the advanced testing equipment - Minolta color difference instrument, which can effectively control the color difference, solve the color problem, and effectively control the color difference permanently
It adopts advanced technology and production equipment at home and abroad, has many years of practice and accumulation, and has reached the domestic leading level in technology, high quality manufacturing and high precision


The company specializes in the production of color coated plate, color aluminum plate printing plate, complete varieties and specifications, to meet your different needs, cost-effective
Focus on customers, continuously improve the service system, and provide strong guarantee for product quality, delivery timeliness and customer satisfaction



"At present, China's iron and steel industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Promoting technological



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Preparation principle and application of electroplated diamond tools

"At present, China's iron and steel industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Promoting technological


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